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* Q. How many sellers can save with Nadlan Realty if sell and then buy with Nadlan realty?  A. Thousand of $$$

How its work?

When Nadlan Realty acts as the buyer's agent. On closing the seller's agent will pay Nadlan realty the commission published on the MLS listing.

Agents and brokers in Toronto GTA charge for Full service 5% + HST. The commission split with the cooperating buyer's brokerage. It s 2.5% +HST for each brokerage.

If you're home purchase for a $1,000,000. Seller's commission pays 5% which is the sum of $50,000 +HST

The commission on the MLS listings for the co-operate brokerage is 2.5% + HST. 

Nadlan realty will keep a commission of 1.5% and will pay back to the buyer the balance of 1%.

If the commission shares between the two brokerages it is $25,000 for each brokerage. 

If Nadlan realty represents the buyer in this transaction, Nadlan realty will collect $25,000 from the listing brokerage.

How much the buyer save with Nadlan realty? Nadlan realty 1.50 % Commission is $15,000, Buyer pay back is $25,000- $15,000 = $10,000

It is a Win-Win for the Nadlan's realty client when they sell and buy with Nadlan realty

* The offer is a condition to 2% to 2.5% Commission on the Listing MLS offered by the listing brokerage to the cooperating brokerage. Nadlan realty reserved the right to change this offer at any time

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