Michael  Tepper

Michael Tepper

Broker of Record and Real Estate Broker

Nadlan realty ltd.

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    Toronto real estate

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Michael Tepper B.Sc ; B.Ed ; Real Estate Broker


Why Choose Michael Tepper as Your Real Estate Broker?

Who would you choose as your lawyer to represent you? Who would you choose as your accountant?

In real estate it is the same. You would choose to work with a Broker you trust. It is not important for which brokerage he/she works. You choose the person. When a realtors change brokerage. He or she takes the clients to the new brokerage.

Trust– When clients nominated him as the representative and gave him a Power of Attorney. Or, Estate Trustee in Canada

Clients provided him with a signed blank cheques to close deals in amounts of hundred thousand dollars. It left him speechless and it is a big responsibility.

Honesty– In life and in business this is how he acts. It is how you raised by your parents.

Integrity– He says what he will do, and does what he says for his clients. He works for his clients

Designation: B.Sc Eng.; B.Ed.: Realtor, Broker of Record

Education: Ben Gurion University, B.Sc. Industrial Engineering. Tel Aviv University, B.Ed. High School Teacher diploma OREA College- Real estate broker

Specialty: Real Estate Broker, - Residential real estate- works for sellers, buyers, and investors in resale homes and condos - VIP Broker represents buyers and investors in buying new projects. - Commercial real estate_ work with sellers or buyers to buy an office building or industrial building, - Help investors to manage their properties.

Experience: 18

Area Covered: Toronto Vaughan Richmond Hill Markham

Languages Spoken: English, Hebrew

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